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Carefully review the information we have on file for you and make any necessary changes. Note that some information cannot be changed through this form.

Email Address

Your email address is assigned to you by the University and can only be changed by visiting the IT Helpdesk

email address webid@olemiss.edu

Cell Phone

Your cell phone number is requested so that instructors and authorized staff members may contact you and to communicate very important information via text messages. In emergencies, text messages are sent to all student cell phones. By including your cell phone number here, you are authorizing this use. Standard message charges may apply.

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Add Digital Contact Info (Optional)

You may wish to include others methods of contact or following you on various types of social media including Facebook, Twitter, etc. For each type of digital contact, you may indicate whether it can be displayed on the Campus Directory. (The student directory can not be accessed by anyone without a valid WebID.)

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display in directory?

Permanent Address

This is your home address.

Billing Address

This is where your bills will be sent.

Local Mailing Address

This is the address where you receive mail while attending school, e.g. a P.O. box or an apartment in town.

Local Physical Address

This is where you physical reside while enrolled in school, e.g., your residence hall or apartment.

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