Browser Support

Most UM applications, including those within the myOleMiss portal, require the most recent versions of popular browsers. Our favorites are Firefox 55+, Chrome 60+, Safari 10+, and Edge 10+. To be sure your browser is up to date, check your browser now. If your browser passes this test but still doesn't function correctly, please continue reading.

Special Applications

Certain portal applications require that pop-up windows be enabled in the browser. These include E-forms, Address & Communication Preference, Bank Information, Benefits Confirmation Statement, Open Enrollment, Online W2 – Opt In, Online W2 – View Forms, Payroll, Timesheet,Time Approval and Degree Audit. Instructions for changing settings and preferences vary greatly between browsers, so we recommend using Firefox for these applications because its instructions are the easiest to follow. We link to other browser instructions below.

Allowing Pop-ups in Firefox

  1. In Preferences, choose the Content tab.
  2. "Block pop-up windows" is probably already checked. This is fine.
  3. Click the Exceptions... button and type "" into the "Address of website" field and then click Allow. (See complete instructions and a further explanation of what pop-ups are and why they might be blocked.)

Once you have saved these settings, refresh the page in order for them to take effect.

Support for Other Browsers

Note that we have identified other issues with Internet Explorer which may not be resolved by allowing pop-ups.

If you have questions or still cannot use the application, you may contact the IT Helpdesk at (662)915-5222 or for support. If you use email, please specify as much information about the problem as possible.