Not Receiving REBALERTS?

You may find that you are not receiving REBALERT text messages from the university because the RebAlert phone number has been blocked. This most often happens due to you replying to a previous REBALERT with the word STOP. Doing this will prevent you from receiving future emergency text messages which may include weather warnings, emergency notifications, campus closing information, or class cancellation information.

If you would like to have the block removed from your cell phone, first login to MyOleMiss to confirm your cell phone number is correct (see below). Then text the word START to 77295. However, please note that if the message block was put in place by your cellular carrier, you may have to contact them directly to re-enable RebAlert.

Within myOleMiss, choose the tab for your role at the top (Student, Employee etc.)

For more assistance, contact University Emergency Management at or at (662) 915-7234.